The Three Investigators and the silent Stars

The Three Investigators and the silent Stars

Experience an interactive crime hunt, interrogate suspects live and be right in the middle of the exciting case featuring the three investigators from Rocky Beach:

The Case:

Jupiter, Peter and Bob are on holiday working at a film festival in Los Angeles. It is not only films by their old acquaintances Stephen Terril and Madeline Bainbridge are to be shown and exhibited there, but also the long-lost film "Hollywood". more

"However, shortly before the festival begins, the valuable films are stolen.
Festival director Pommeroy is furious. Fortunately, the three investigators are on site and have a few friends with them - namely you! Can you help them find the films before the festival starts and the silent film stars notice the loss? Interrogate live actors and actresses, find clues and solve this very special case together with the three investigators."

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Help the three investigators find Madeline Bainbridge's films so that the big film festival can take place after all. Get your ticket now and examine the first evidence.

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