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German Design Council

03. February 2022

Online Krimi Spiel nominated for the German Innovation Award 2022


08. January 2022

A look behind the scenes at the online detective game

Hessische Wirtschaft - IHK Magazine

December 2021

Creative team events set impulses in the Hessian Economy.

Station – das Startup-Portal

22. November 2021

Culture, theater, suspense and digital entertainment merge at the startup "Online Krimi Spiel".

Sensor Wiesbaden

01. November 2021

"A Wiesbaden-based improv ensemble is inventing a new genre in culture and digital entertainment.
And in its latest coup, it ventures into a legendary crime series."

Wiesbadener Kurier

23. October 2021

"The Wiesbaden-based ensemble "Für Garderobe keine Haftung" (No Liability for Wardrobe) has developed an interactive crime game from the classic youth detective story "Die drei ???"."

Frankfurter Rundschau

20. October 2021

"A theater idea during the Corona Lockdown has grown into a company with 50 employees.
The inventors of "Online Krimi Spiel" are nominated for founder award."

Rheinmain TV

14. September 2021

"The art and culture creators had and in some cases still have a real idle time - in Wiesbaden this situation has led to the founding of a start-up company: The "Online Krimi Spiel" now involves around 60 actors. Frederik Malsy is one of the founders and explains in the talk how it works. For the actor, it's clear: The online crime cases are going to be around even after the Corona crisis."


10. January 2021

"The idea may have been born out of necessity, but it will outlast the pandemic: an improvisational theater from Wiesbaden has developed an online crime game unique in Germany to perform on stage despite lockdown."

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