When the Mic Drops

What happened during the night? Who is keeping a secret?

The case:

"The Geschwister Herzlieb have been among the top 10 folk-Schlager duos for years. The likeable brother and sister Hansi and Hanni have sung their way into the hearts of countless fans with their songs about the good things in life and the beauty of the world and nature. But their perfect world is abruptly disturbed when a dead body is found in the recording studio the morning after a long day of recording. What happened during the night? The facade of the ideal world of folk-Schlager seems to be crumbling...
Four people are in custody and don't tell the police even half as much as they would like to know. And this is where you come in: be part of Detective Chief Inspector Paul van der Kloote's task force ""mic drop"", find out who is responsible for Sabrina's death and why she had to die. Look behind the beautiful front of the Schlager world. Because one thing is perfectly clear: dead people don't sing pop songs."

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