Save the Queen of Wines!

Where is the Queen of Wines? Who abducted her? And what is behind all this?

Where is the Queen of Wines? Who abducted her? And what is behind all this?

The case:

Actually, the Wine Queen Rheingau & Rheinhessen has a great task: she gives the wine of the region a face - her face. She represents and promotes the wine and is always a welcome guest - or so one would think. But Juliette Glockner's glamorous world does not last long, because only a few weeks after her election she is kidnapped and the ransom note suggests the worst. And already now you find yourself in the middle of a crime case. You try to find Juliette in a race against time and uncover who is behind all this. Only you can secure that Juliette will be able to smile and offer a glass of wine also in the future - but be careful: if you're wrong, the result could be catastrophic... Meet winemakers, politicians, wine experts (and those who think they are). Talk to witnesses and suspects, draw the right conclusions with your team and save the Queen of Wines together!

Ernst Büscher, Press Officer German Wine Institute

"The online detective game Save the Queen of Wines is an exciting and entertaining pleasure. You don't have to be a fan of wine queens to be drawn directly into the story. It is immense fun to go on a digital search for clues and hunt for criminals in small groups of friends. The actors with their authentic character portrayals don't necessarily make it easy. But with teamwork, creative brainstorming and a good glass of wine, you can manage to save the Queen of Wines!

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