The Hegenbach Heritage

How did Friedrich von Hegenbach die and what is it about his heritage?

The case:

Friedrich von Hegenbach is dead. He was found lifeless at his desk during the annual family week. The rules of the distinguished von Hegenbach family lay down exactly what must happen when the family patriarch dies, but when the shareholders' meeting is about to start, it quickly becomes clear that a simple reading of the will is not enough. Even as the notary welcomes the shareholders, he receives a phone call that will change everything. Did Friedrich von Hegenbach not die of natural causes? What exactly happened during the family week on the von Hegenbach estate and who among the family is to steer the fortunes of "Bachsche Baumschmuckbläserei" (Bach's tree ornaments) and "Fannys Feinzuckerwaren" (Fanny's fine confectionery) in the future? The shareholders turn into investigators and set out to uncover the secrets of "The Hegenbach Heritage". Interrogate the live actors and actresses, look for clues and find out what really was Friedrich von Hegenbach's last will and testament.

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